I Can't Write and Other Myths
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I Can’t Write and Other Myths

Course Code: C0062-1.17

Note: If you are attending the live presentation please enrol prior to the course presentation this Sunday, thank you.

This course has been designed to explore the myths and barriers to writing and to establish our clairsentience as our foundational tool for understanding what and how to write.

The act and art of writing comes loaded with so many expectations from school and society, that we can hit a wall before we even begin. Getting the grammar right, having our ideas graded, whether we can write neatly or not, all contribute to a feeling that we can’t write.

I Can’t Write and Other Myths begins by exploring the way the education system and past experience can affect and shape a person’s writing. Throughout the interactive sessions, participants will be offered a comprehensive framework for understanding the ways in which our writing can be capped and how to allow the natural expression and wisdom that is available to all to come through when writing.

I Can’t Write and Other Myths builds a foundation for our approach to written expression that looks beyond the traditional rules to what we each have to share with others. Part one of a series of workshops, participants are invited to bring their ideas and inspirations. There will be no red pens, no reading in front of the class, just a person who is not great at spelling, sharing what it means to write in a way that is engaging and authentic.

We all have wisdom to share that only we can write about – it doesn’t have to win a literary prize to be of value to another.

Course Details:

Duration: 1 x 3 hour workshop and presentation
Delivery Mode:
Prerequisites:  None

Course Location:  The Hall of Ageless Wisdom, Wollongbar, NSW
Course Date: 15 April, 2018
Time: 1.00pm – 4.00pm   REGISTRATION from 12.30pm
Cost: $45

Please bring: Your own hydration, pen and notebook or computer to take notes.

Open to everyone

This Course is presented and facilitated by:

Joel Levin

Joel Levin ND

Joel Levin has a background in Natural therapies, counselling and the youth sector, Since 2004 Joel is leading Principal consultant, Aha! Consulting, a consulting firm that works in stakeholder, consumer, clinician and community engagement. Joel designs and facilitates engagement projects of varying scale and sizes across a range of spheres including Education, Disability, Community Sector, Aged Care, Health, Resource Sector and the United Nations.

Questions and Contacts:

Joel Levin – 0412 265 411

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