The College of Universal Medicine exists solely for the public benefit and the objects as set out in its constitution are testament to this.

The College of Universal Medicine is focused on educating people on the effects their behaviours have on their own body, and on others – so its courses foster an understanding of the human body, the effect of energy, the effect of choices, and the ability each person has to bring responsibility to the way they live their lives, so that we can together create a society of accountable adults who know that what each of us does affects everyone else, and behave accordingly.

It is very possible to have a society where people treat, at the very baseline, themselves and each other with respect and a knowing of equalness. We are very far from this at present, but the general dissatisfaction in and exhaustion of people (to say nothing of conflicts, and disease and illness) show clearly that education in a different way is very needed.

The College of Universal Medicine is dedicated to educating men and women of all walks of life about true health and well-being, based on the principles of the Ageless Wisdom, and using science, philosophy, religion, medicine and many other fields as a base.