Community Engagement

CoUM Gold Coast Community Courses

Community Engagement

A core passion of the many volunteers from the College is to stay connected with our wide networked communities with topics and issues that are currently of concern for people. Our Community Engagement presentations and workshops provide support in the critical start up of conversations within these key areas relating to our health and wellbeing in society, and by doing so offer a platform for participants and presenters to contribute equally to these conversations with view to how we move toward a different future.

College of Universal Medicine Gold Coast Community Program

The College of Universal Medicine is pleased to announce we have formed a partnership with the City of Gold Coast’s Active and Healthy Program. This award winning program is 10 years old and was designed to support a hearty and vibrant community on the Gold Coast. During a year the Active and Healthy program rolls out roughly 150 weekly sessions attracting 120,000 participants.

CoUM is proud to contribute to such an extraordinary community initiative with our program of 12 sessions, to be presented over the months August 2017 to June 2018. We invite all our friends and students from Northern NSW through to the Gold Coast and Brisbane to join in and come along to the CoUM Active & Healthy Wellbeing program.

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