The College of Universal Medicine runs educational courses and community events, both face-to-face and online.

The College of Universal Medicine offers interactive courses and community events in accordance with its objects by bringing forth education that supports people to learn fundamental life-skills to be vital and healthy in daily living. This model of education is dedicated to serving the true health, healing and well-being of individuals and communities on the basis that at every level of society, true care and community collaboration for an innovative future begins with the foundational attention to an individual’s lifestyle and their ability to be equipped to live life to their fullest and not merely function within it.

To this purpose, the College of Universal Medicine sets out its curriculum under the following educational themes:

Men’s Health

Supportive and breaking moulds – this interactive area of education focuses on addressing topics of Men’s Health and developing open communication on issues for the community at large. This includes areas such as men’s general health and well-being, anxiety and depression, communication skills, body image and physical fitness, psychological well-being and more.
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Women’s Health

Invigorating and understanding – this educational area provides the much-needed deeper look into the many varying topical issues surrounding Women’s Health, this includes; breaking myths on menopause and phases of our body, stress and challenges to self-care, physical health and psychological well-being and more.
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Health & Well-Being

Informative and interactive – this area of education focuses on addressing topics such as; vital and healthy lifestyles, sleeplessness, anxiety, support for living with chronic illnesses, preventative health-care, self-care, fitness and physical well-being, psychological well-being and more.
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Wellness Days

Rejuvenating – our Charity provides services to corporate companies, organisations or small businesses to invest in their staff with Wellness Day packages, offering the opportunity for bodywork treatments and exercise tips that can support workplaces to be reminded of the importance of the well-being of their staff teams, and the self-care to be proactive against the trend of stress, overwhelm and burn-out.
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Community Events

Engaging and collaborative – since 2017 our College has offered free community events to share the expertise of the many volunteering presenters who are inspired to connect with community and support people to better understand themselves, life, and more, this includes topics such as; parenting, social media, expression and communication skills, body image for men, chronic disease, sleep and exhaustion, anxiety issues, money and finances, women’s health and addiction issues.
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All College of Universal Medicine events and courses are open to the public, and for the benefit of all men and women.

The philosophy and objects of our educational model.

The College of Universal Medicine offers courses on health and well-being based on the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. The presentations invite the attendees to contemplate the possibility that illness, disease and other life-struggles can be attributed to our lifestyle choices, which is something our broader health systems equally recognise. The courses and events offer students an opportunity to understand life from a different view, and consider our self-responsibility to once again return to true health and well-being, and as such frequently addresses questions relating to our health and well-being looking at what we can do within our day to day life to make a real difference and sustainable change.

These presentations are not medical advice nor are they substitutes for clinical diagnosis, treatment and care by a qualified health-care professional. You should always seek medical support and advice where needed. The College supports and greatly respects the invaluable role of conventional medicine and our courses are offered in support alongside all that conventional medicine is and brings.