The Ageless Wisdom

I have been watching Professor Bill Foley’s presentations on The Lineage of the Ageless Wisdom. And it is interesting to learn that no matter what era the masters were living in there have always been those few that have tried to eradicate the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom. If we look back at our history there are a few who stand out such as Zarathushtra. It seems hardly anything that was written by him has survived. He taught that we should have respect for one another, live in equality and brotherhood and that our experiences of life, comes down to the choices we are making and that these choices are a result of the energy we are tapping into. The religious leaders of the day were against such teachings, and so persecuted him. Zarathustra also taught us that men and women are equal at a time when women were treated in a way not to dissimilar to the way women are treated in the sub-continent today; not to defile nature, and to engage wholly in life and not withdraw from it. To me, Serge Benhayon’s presentations are so similar to the teachings of Zarathushtra it is uncanny. It’s as though there is no time as what was taught way back then thousands of years ago is just as true and pertinent for us today.

I am learning and discovering that there is a certain way to live life that allows us to tap into a flow of energy that is passing through our bodies at all times. When we are able to do this our bodies have an awareness that is beyond what the mind can think, for me it seems to be able to tap into an energy that ‘is all knowing’ of everything, from the smallest details to beyond my imagination but so real and down to earth and very accessible. It just is everything in one.

However, if you don’t live this way then you are limited in your understanding and comprehension of how life can be lived and with no understanding as such, it is then very easy to judge people by your own standards which may fall short of what is actually being lived in full by the teachers of the Ageless Wisdom. This then gives me an understanding that scholars who wrote down the words of Jesus that then became what we know today as the bible did not live in the way Jesus lived and so is it possible that is how we got a reinterpretation of his life and what he offered to humanity, because they were not living in the energy he was living in and could not recapture in a book his living essence? And is it possible the same is happening today? Is history repeating itself because we are not it seems learning from the Ageless Wisdom teachings that always showed humanity a way to live morally and ethically; to live with deep respect for one another, the planet and all animals too. That one can choose to align to the divine will, divine order or choose through free will to be opposite, thoughtless, greedy, selfish and arrogant but this will not connect you to God. God is always there with you but there is a disconnection to him if we choose to be thoughtless, greedy, selfish and arrogant. There are only two choices, to live in connection with God or in disconnection to him.

All the masters that have lived amongst us have shown us a way to live by discerning the only two energies there are. Zarathushtra called them one that uplifted our minds and one that is base. When we align to the ‘uplifted mind’ it increases our awareness and this creates space in our bodies and our atoms love space and the expansion in our bodies ripple out to expand the Universe. When we align to the base energy we are tapping into lies, deceit, corruption and our ways become very animalistic and our atoms become more constricted and we live a life of contraction.

I have watched Serge Benhayon very closely for 11 years during the courses and workshops. His energy is the same whether he is presenting or not. What you see is what you get. The everything that Serge is and represents. I can just feel by the way that Serge lives that he is tapping into the ‘uplifted mind’ and this is why he has such a natural understanding of life. Unfortunately, most of humanity is living from the ‘base energy’ and that is why the masters have always come to show humanity by living example that there is a different way to be. And throughout the ages for some this is too much and hence we get the reaction of the few by putting down and ridiculing what they don’t understand, because they don’t want to admit that they are not taking responsibility for themselves and are living life from the base energy.

But what if we were to live the way of the Ageless Wisdom teachings and live the way that Serge Benhayon has shown us can be lived? What if we were to give it a go understanding that there is no perfection? Well 11 years ago I met Serge Benhayon and he made so much sense to me that I decided to change the way I lived my life because I felt the emptiness of the life I was living. Life for me at that time was about ticking boxes and conforming to a way to live and when I looked around that’s how everyone else was living, there was no reflection that life could be any different. I now live a very simple way of life where the joy is in the simplicity of what I do and my life is so rich and vital. I could never go back to the life I was living before I met Serge Benhayon. And I find it absolutely fascinating that what Serge Benhayon presents today is the same message that was given to us thousands of years ago by many of the great masters. This shows me there is indeed a lineage of Ageless Wisdom that goes back thousands of years that people have tried to eradicate from history and our knowing, but truth will out and there has always been a master steeped in the knowledge of The Ageless Wisdom to show us a way back to the truth of who we are and the truth of God.

By Mary Sanford, UK