Ready to write your book? A guide to write, edit, design and publish your book

Ready to write your book? A guide to write, edit, design and publish your book

Course Code: C0072-1.18

Allow the book inside you to be turned into a completed product, ready to share with the world.

Do you feel you have a book in you but not sure how you would turn your book idea into a real book that is accessible for readers?

This two-day course will support anyone and everyone who has ever thought about writing and publishing a book … as well as inspiring those of you who may never have considered you could.

While the book writing and preparation process can be daunting, this course provides participants with a very practical, visual step-by-step guide to begin and complete a book. Our highly skilled presenters will, via a series of six modules, help demystify the process from initial idea to seeing your book published and shared with the world.

Come along and during the two days, feel how easy it is to get started once you know how much fun it can be to complete.

Module 1: Preparing for book writing

  1. What is the purpose of writing and producing a book?
  2. Identifying and exploring any blockages during any and all stages of the book writing and producing process.
  3. Laying a foundation that supports book writing.

Module 2: Bringing commitment, focus, order and organisation to writing a book

  1. Develop a visual step-by-step process that provides order and organisation to support commitment and focus throughout the book writing process.
  2. Take-home tips to consider and support the book writing process.

Module 3: Editing – to do or let do?

  1. What to do about the editing? Does it need editing? Do you need to pay for it?  Are there different kinds of editing?
  2. Identifying the kind of editing that will most support and advance the book writing process for each individual.

Module 4: Manuscript preparation, design and production

  1. What is the difference between self-publishing or publishing via a publishing house?
  2. What does it take to design a book and have a print-ready PDF?
  3. Choosing a printer and placing the order – local or overseas?
  4. Importing your book.
  5. Getting ready to sell your book.

Module 5: Contracts and finances

  1. A broad and general overview of the legal and financial considerations associated with getting the book to market.
  2. Simplifying and demystifying some of the legal and financial complexities relating to publishing and distribution contracts and financing the book so as not seem daunting, overwhelming and a roadblock to many budding authors and writers.

Module 6: Sharing you and your book with the world

  1. You have this amazing book to share but how will the world know about it? Next step – sharing YOU and your book with the world.
  2. Explore any blocks to putting yourself out there in the world including the impact of any ideals and beliefs around marketing and selling your book based on the current marketing models.
  3. Practical marketing tools and examples to support you when getting started.

Course Details:

Course Dates: Saturday 23rd March and Sunday 24th March 2019
Time: 9.00am to 3.00pm REGISTRATION from 8.00am each day
Course Location:
Hall of the Ageless Wisdom, Converys Lane, Wollongbar, NSW
Prerequisite: None; however sound literacy skills will be of benefit
Cost: $120

Please bring:
– Material for note taking
– Means of hydration and refreshments (herbal teas will be provided)
– Lunch or any food/meal requirements
– Computer and/or smart phone to hot spot

This Course is presented and facilitated by:

Tanya Curtis

Tanya Curtis

Tanya has been writing books since 2009, having self-published 3 books for adults and 4 for children, and with many more under-way. With no formal training in writing, Tanya has found a way with book writing which is effortless, connecting to the value of what she shares daily. Through her professional role, Tanya knows a blockage to task completion for many is organisation, sequencing and planning, which can be overcome with a simple, visual step-by-step guide to the task completion process.
With her years of personal and professional experience, Tanya brings simplicity to book-writing.

Gabriele Conrad

Gabriele Conrad

Gabriele has 30+ years’ experience as a translator of books from English into German for big publishing houses, writing reviews on books and translating manuals. Since 2008 Gabriele has been the editor of Serge Benhayon’s books as well as the editor and proof reader of books for several others.Gabriele also works as a copywriter, writes articles and blogs and is a presenter of one-on-one and group sessions in Written Expression. She has great focus and a keen eye for detail while always honouring the writer’s style and unique expression rather than selling out to convention and the demands of what is deemed right and wrong.

Désirée Delaloye

Désirée Delaloye

Desiree has been working as an Art Director and Creative Director in the creative industries since she was 17 years old as a professional in the field of Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustration, Photography, Editorial and Book Design including Production, Event Branding, Planning as well as Project Management. She shares from her deep understanding of the topics and her 18+ years’ experience in start-to-finish book design, production and publishing. She has to-date designed and overseen the production and publishing of 30+ books.

Susan Scully

Susan Scully

Susan has 30+ years’ experience in Accountancy, Business and Finance. Susan works with both people’s personal tax and finance matters; and within and with local, national and international companies, businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes. Supporting businesses to build, grow and expand, Susan works in various capacities and in all business areas including finance, marketing and legal. Holding degrees in Business, Accountancy and Marketing Susan currently runs her own Accountancy and Business Advisory practice, a health and wellbeing clinic and many other different types of businesses.

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