Living Well WIth Chronic Pain

Living Well With Chronic Pain

Course Code: C0070-1.18

Is chronic pain ruling your life? You can live well with chronic pain.

Chronic pain impacts on more than just those people who are experiencing it: it affects family and friends and practitioners of all backgrounds involved in their support and on a broader picture it affects our medical system and its overload.

This course presents a fresh approach for those living with chronic pain through an interactive discussion of common experiences and beliefs about chronic pain. It will support us to potentially realise that we do not have to be ruled by these beliefs and experiences which can undermine our natural ability to live with more vitality even though we have pain.

Explore how to empower yourself through a more supportive relationship with the body including practical self-care tools to assist in daily life.

This course explores how the way we live, move, think and eat impacts on chronic pain and that chronic pain is in part an inflammatory process that can often respond well to gentle movements and supportive nutrition.

This course is suitable for many including:

  • Those living with chronic pain.
  • Carers, family and friends of those living with chronic pain.
  • Therapists, medical professionals and complementary practitioners.
  • Anyone seeking to have a greater understanding of chronic pain.

Dates & Times:

This course runs for 3 weeks from 9:00am to 12:00pm:

  • Sunday, September 9
  • Saturday, September 22
  • Saturday, September 29

Registration from 8:30am.


CWA Hall
236 River St, Ballina NSW





This Course is presented and facilitated by:

Kate Greenaway

Kate Greenaway

A registered physiotherapist, Kate has worked extensively with clients with complex spinal and musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain in USA, Europe and Australia. Kate’s work includes many Esoteric healing modalities especially combining Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy (ECTT) with gentle Physiotherapy and in 2009 completed a research clinical trial on the benefits of ECTT for chronic pain patients.

Henrietta Chang

Henrietta Chang

With over 15 years’ experience as a complementary health practitioner and a special interest in complex cases using Naturopathy and Nutritional Biochemistry Henrietta holds an unwavering dedication and deep care, collaborating with doctors and medical specialists, psychologists and physiotherapists to offer the highest level of care for her clients.

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