Your Life Your Expression

Your Life, Your Expression | Developing Your Natural Voice

Course Code: C0065-1.17

The ability to express in our natural authority is essential for all presenters – and we are all presenters in life.

Expression is our greatest natural resource.

Experience the quality and power of your voice, the effect it has on the body and everything in life; how vocal expression and singing releases stress, improves relationships, boosts the immune system, benefits health and wellbeing in daily life, and naturally, simply and powerfully connects us as a community.

Many of us find communication a challenge: in the workplace, dealing with life situations, speaking up in a group and presenting to groups.  With this fear of expression comes dis-empowerment which reflects in all aspects of our lives. Self-empowerment and expression is crucial in moving us from mere survival mode into a natural flow allowing us to enjoy all the relationships and interactions in our lives.

This course empowers participants with their voice; in public speaking, personal expression, active listening and effective communication in all relationships – both personal and professional.

True expression is first and foremost about connecting to our body – we are our own greatest resource. From this we bring a quality of life that brings our true selves to the fore.

Experience the quality and power of your voice and how your vocal expression can release stress, improve relationships, boost your immune system and powerfully connects us all as a community.

‘Chris James has an amazing way of helping people to discover their own vocal strength and potential.’

–Ella Rubeli, Producer Online Documentaries, SBS TV & Radio

Dates & Times:

This course runs for 4 weeks on Tuesday nights from 6:30pm to 8:00pm:

  • Tuesday, July 17
  • Tuesday, July 24
  • Tuesday, July 31
  • Tuesday, August 7

Registration from 6pm


Goonellabah Community Centre
27 Oliver Ave, Goonellabah NSW




The only prerequisite is that you have a human body.

Please bring:

Your own hydration, pen and notebook

This Course is presented and facilitated by:

Chris James

Chris James

A specialist voice coach, multi-instrumentalist, and keynote conference speaker Chris James has been working internationally for over 30 years. He works extensively in the field of communication and expression with individuals, businesses and government agencies such as the Australian Defence Force Academy, NSW police force, Airbus Space and Defence (Europe), SBS Australia, and the general public. His ‘Vocal Adventure for Schools’ program is presented in Germany, Finland, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India. He has a recording studio in Australia, Innermost Sound Studios, and has produced an extensive collection of vocal and instrumental music.

Jenny James

Jenny James

Jenny James has been instrumental in developing courses for a range of organisations, has recorded and produced two music CD’s, and co-presents with Chris in presenting their unique approach to group work and vocal expression.

Questions and Contact:

Chris James – 0416 224 442


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