A moment on how to come out of being an on-demand tv zombie during lockdown with Martin Gladman and Liane Mandalis

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Jul 04 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

A Moment on How to Come Out of Being an On-demand TV Zombie during Lockdown with Martin Gladman and Liane Mandalis

Restrictions may be lifting but there’s a reality for some of us that we might have developed some unwanted habits of hitting the fridge and streaming way too many re-runs. Martin and Liane have a playful look at how we can utilise our days to rewind some of those habits and learn how we can utilise our time to develop more supportive habits that help us to expand and grow, not keep us in permanent lockdown.

So what will you choose? Expand your consciousness and deepen your relationship with all of you or expand your waistline and knowledge of 80’s b-grade superstars? Join Martin and Liane as they explore how we can start to make every moment count.

Duration: 30-minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of questions
Delivery Mode:
Webinar, a link will be sent upon registration
Date: 4th July 2020
Time: 2:00-3:00pm AEST
Registration: A link with information on how to access the webinar will be emailed to you shortly following registration here.
You will need: Internet access
Cost: FREE

Open to everyone.

A recording will be made available following this presentation. Release date TBA.

About Liane Mandalis

Liane is a writer, philosopher, carer of children, mother, lover of life and everyone in it as well as the Universe we are all a glorious part of. Liane enjoys connecting with people of all ages and from all walks of life with the understanding that we are each an integral part of the one stupendous Whole we form when we work together. Liane has a keen interest in community well-being and supporting people to reconnect to the vibrancy and richness that lives deep within us all.


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