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Sep 03 2020


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



Conditions and Contracts that We Have on Each Other

We all know of legal conditions and contracts… but what about all the unspoken conditions and contracts that we impose on those around us, and them on us? Come explore how we can begin to live life free from these clauses and conditions – with no ball or chain needed!

Let’s talk about life …. with all its ups and downs and merry-go-rounds. What if there is a different way to navigate life? One where life felt clear, simple, purposeful and easy to handle? Life need not be about getting stuck on never-ending roundabouts or heading up a garden path that leads us nowhere, we are naturally equipped to respond to life, so what’s getting in the way? What if our daily routines and rituals could be about sustaining ourselves and those around us, instead of desperately seeking relief and/or distractions?

What if our quality of life is not measured by what life presents us, but rather how we present in life – how we are in and with it?

Delivery Mode:
Video conference – a link will be sent to all who register prior to the event
Date: 3rd September 2020
Time: 6:00-7:30pm AEST
Registration: PLEASE REGISTER BEFORE 9 AM AEST on the day of the event. A link with information on how to access the discussion will be emailed to you shortly thereafter
You will need: Internet access
Cost: FREE

Open to everyone.

For privacy this discussion will not be recorded.

Susan Scully & Tanya Curtis
Susan Scully & Tanya Curtis

Susan and Tanya have a deep love and care of and for people. Hence the credential they bring together is the PhD of life – something we All have, given we live and experience life every day in all its facets – the ups and downs and merry-go-rounds. For over 10+ years, Susan and Tanya have been dear friends, considered family, and professional colleagues dedicated to continuing to learn, explore, discuss and navigate life together. Aligned to community focussed projects based on giving back, they bring to the group an approach to life based on fun, lightness, depth and evolution for all equally.

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