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Navigating Life Discussion Group | Conditions and contracts that we have on each other

September 3 @ 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm EST

Navigating LIfe Discussion Group

Let’s talk about life …. with all its ups and downs and merry-go-rounds.

What if there is a different way to navigate life? One where life felt clear, simple, purposeful and easy to handle? Life need not be about getting stuck on never-ending roundabouts or heading up a garden path that leads us nowhere, we are naturally equipped to respond to life, so what’s getting in the way?

What if our quality of life is not measured by what life presents us, but rather how we present in life – how we are in and with it?

What if our daily routines and rituals could be about sustaining ourselves and those around us, instead of desperately seeking relief and/or distractions?

The College of Universal Medicine presents free monthly discussion groups for any person wanting to openly explore some of the nitty-gritty’s of navigating life in a way that can be healing and supportive. This discussion group is a confidential forum where all participants are encouraged to express equally knowing that we all have a wisdom to share.

Join our hosts Tanya Curtis and Susan Scully as they share their interest in exploring and understanding life in all its facets – asking, is it possible to navigate life’s miasma of twists, turns and roundabouts and still be standing?

Discussion Topics and Schedule:

Life as a classroom
6th February 2020

What if life was one massive classroom, with lessons offered over and over until we got it? How would we navigate life knowing we are encircled in a classroom filled with endless opportunities to learn?

5th March 2020

Adjusting life to avoid reactions is one of life’s hidden epidemics, but what if reactions are a part of life we can’t avoid? Instead of judging reactions, what if we learnt what they are, why we use them and how we can learn from our own and others’ reactions?

Embracing the opportunities life presents us
6th April 2020

Life presents us challenging situations on a daily basis, do we embrace the learning and see the opportunity they offer or resist them and go deeper into reaction? Embracing these opportunities and seeing what they can offer is a game changer, let’s get to it!

Being all you without trying to avoid reactions from others
21st May 2020

Ever modified who you are and what you do from fear of reactions? You’re not the only one! What if there’s a way of navigating life where you can be yourself regardless of what reactions may come?

Judgement – it’s a guarantee
18th June 2020

Judging and being judged is never fun, but the fact is, we are ALL going to get judged at some time. Can we learn how to respond to judgement instead of adjusting life, trying to avoid it? We certainly can! Join us as we begin to explore how.

Jealousy and Comparison – a feeling we all hate yet all experience
16th July 2020

We all have experienced jealousy – fact. Either we have felt jealousy towards another and/or had it directed towards ourselves – most likely both. But what is jealousy? How can we navigate life and not let it affect us negatively?

Expressing who you are without reservation
13th August 2020

Have you ever held back saying what you truly feel? Sometimes we filter ourselves, hold back what we like to say or simply shut up shop and go silent. What if there was a way to express ourselves in full without any reservation? How would life be?

Conditions and contracts that we have on each other
3rd September 2020

We all know of legal conditions and contracts… but what about all the unspoken conditions and contracts that we impose on those around us, and them on us? Come explore how we can begin to live life free from these clauses and conditions – with no ball or chain needed!

Standards vs expectations
1st October 2020

Standards and expectations are two words thrown around in today’s society. What if one raises our quality of living and the other drops the quality of living for all? Let’s discuss these two words.

Compromise – is this healing or harming?
12th November 2020

Growing up we’re often told to compromise our lives… but does compromise really support us? What if there was a way to navigate life without ever compromising who we are and the standards we know to be true – and still have friends and family!

Being the puzzle piece you and only you are here to be
10th December 2020

What if the world and all its people were one massive puzzle… the largest puzzle in the world! Each piece unique and the puzzle only complete when all pieces bring themselves to the world? How would that change the way we navigate life?

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