Our Body Knows what True Health is https://www.coum.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/dwp-20151219-5267-e1507573091323.jpg

In recent years there has been a huge amount of information released on what we need to do to be healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. We are bombarded with so many intense exercise regimes that are harsh and lack true care for the body. There are countless forms of diets to keep food intake and food habits under control and a huge array of stress relieving, mindfulness type techniques to still the mind and quiet the body. We have more health practitioners, complementary healing practitioners, body workers and healing clinics, gyms and spas than ever before; yet the recent health statistics, nationally and internationally, show that our rates of illness and disease are rising a lot.

So something in the way we are living and approaching ‘ being healthy’ is not working.

What I have learned from my own body and from the thousands of people’s bodies I have worked with over the last 32 years, is that the body knows what is truly healthy for it. Our greatest authority on what is really healthy for us is our body. The body always communicates to us and tells us the truth of how we are treating it and living in it – whether our choices at that time are supporting our body or harming it.

Remember when you ate that rich piece of chocolate cake, or loads of cream cheese and your body bloated and felt like a ton of bricks? Or when you knew to not keep raking the leaves, as you could feel your back tiring, but pushed through and ended up with an intense back pain and spasm?

If we just listened to our bodies and were guided by the inner intelligence and knowing which we all have, we would hold the key to our own true vitality. The latest healthy living trends or ‘lifestyles’ doesn’t even come close to the wisdom our bodies have to know and communicate to us what they need and what will support them to be naturally fluid, flexible, pain free and vital. This simple way of living is possible for all and our bodies are beautifully designed to live in this way.